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A man told me it's not right for a woman to compliment other women

I just remembered something. I know someone that whenever I say a woman is beautiful, he frowns.

He then looks at the person in question and asks me what makes them beautiful. He then says there’s nothing spectacular about the person and asks why I say she’s beautiful.

Last week, I saw a young lady and exclaimed how beautiful she looks with full boobs and well rounded buttocks. Her low cut was neat and cool while her legs were long and smooth.

Uncle looked at me and said it is not normal for a woman to say such things about another woman.

According to him, it is only men that are supposed to say a woman is beautiful and admire her features.

A beautiful woman

When I told him that he’s brain is not functioning well for saying that women cannot genuinely compliment other women’s beauty, he said I was possessed.

I laughed at his ignorance and foolishness. I asked him why a woman can’t compliment another woman and he said it is against nature and that God made it so. 🙄🙄🙄

It is men like this that push the narrative that women are their own worst enemies and pitch women against one another.

I love beautiful women. I don’t hoard my compliments when I see a beautiful woman. I tell her what I love about her.

If you have a problem with that, go and deal with your issues in your family house and stop peddling falsehoods.

I find it funny too when some men say that a group of female friends who love and look out for one another are lesbians.

In their small minds, they expect women to be fighting over average men and stabbing one another in the back just to keep them.

Small penis syndrome is a thing. These men need to grow up.

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