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 Men avoid women with ‘waist beads’, see why


It has always been known that waist beads have been a form of fashion ornament for ladies.

The beads are worn for many purposes.

Some wear it to watch their weight, some to attract their men, some for beautification of the waist while some wear it for traditional believes that said to attract children.

But, nowadays waist beads have become a form of terror for many young men.

Here are some reasons many of the beads worn by ladies now are charmed to make men become victims of mind control and extorting favors from men.

There have been claims by religious people that many men’s lives have been ruined because they associate with women with charming waist beads.

It has even become a trend because now there are many women who sell these products on social media and use it to make huge sums of money. They have different names for it such as blue eye waist beads, favor obtaining waist beads, mind control waistbands etc. Some of the popular social media vendors are Jaruma and Angela Nwosu.

These women make money from selling this because many women are willing and ready to buy.

Therefore, it is of good opinion that men should be careful when dealing with women that wear waist beads. Men are advised to avoid these women if they (men) must avert their spell.

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